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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stand up to Six Apart/LiveJournal!!!

Recently, there has been much controversy surrounding LiveJournal/Six Apart, regarding thier stance on what is nudity and what is not (read the details at this link!). More >>
After suspending a LiveJournal user because of her icon - which shows herself breastfeeding her infant child - mothers (and regular LJ users) have been in an uproar, doing all they can to show LiveJournal/Six Apart that people have the right to use pictures of infants being breastfed as thier default icon, from writing emails to making petitions to setting up protests, including the Nurse In, which takes place on Monday, and an online strike, which takes place on Tuesday. LiveJournal volunteers have been hostile, for the most part, basically claiming that the protesters haven't got a leg to stand on, calling us protesters "drama seekers".


My involvement with this whole thing goes even deeper than the breastfeeding issue. For too long, LiveJournal's Abuse team has treated thier users like utter shit, from lying to it's users by claiming that employees cannot view locked entries (BULLSHIT!) to being downright abusive.

I was at the recieving end of this abuse not all that long ago, as a matter of fact. I had requested for LJ Abuse to close a community that I had once owned. Long ago I had given someone maintainership accidentially. Back then (this was in 2003), all you had to do was check off the required boxes and click a button. No email was sent to the user you gave maintainership to. It was easy to screw up while playing with settings! Anyhow, it could be proven that the community was once mine. All one needs to do is look at the community's history. If one were to look at it's history, one would see that I had indeed once owned the community, and once I gave maintainership to that person, nothing was done with the community since. LJ Abuse would not look at that community's history, however, and had refused my request to close the community several times. So I had to resort to using a second account to create a "TOS violation", so they'd finally close that damned community down. Well, the Abuse team wasted no time in finding out that I was the culprit and sent me an email that made me feel like I was the lowest scum of the Earth. I was so disgusted I deleted that email, but I wish I didn't. It was an example of how low LJ Abuse could stoop. Did I bring it on myself? Perhaps. But don't they see? All of that bullshit could have been avoided if they had just checked out the community's history and deleted the community, rather than refuse me over and over. After all, they bent over backwards to prove I was the person that made the "TOS violation". Certainly, they could check a community's history, right?

I was reluctant to tell my story. I mean, LiveJournal Abuse made me feel like such scum, I was sure people would ridicule me for my actions. But fuck it. I'm an honest person. And I don't have to tolerate LiveJournal's Abuse team and thier bullshit, abuse and lies! And I certainly won't stand for thier stance on "nudity". Please! If actresses can breastfeed on television without the FCC going apeshit, then LiveJournal users should have the right to use a picture of breastfeeding as thier default icon!

I choose to discontinue use of my LiveJournal account, until something is done about thier crappy Abuse team, and I urge my friends and peers to do the same. I would like to see them invest in better training for thier Abuse team! Hire a new, professional Abuse team! And make changes as outlined at this link! Once they do one (or preferrably, all) of those things, I will come back. Until then, I refuse to log into my LiveJournal account. And judging by the way they have treated me in the past, I'm sure they won't miss me, anyway.

Want to read more about LJ Abuse and thier, well, abuse? Go here.


Anonymous NightVixen said...

I came here to comment becuase you Know LJ and Their nazi Abuse squad. Since I joined LJ in 2001 I have seen Abuse Only ONCE when tommyx Was manager do Good, However when he was manager he did do a better job than the current manager Mayeb I ought write about my LJ experiences eh LOL

4:25 AM  
Blogger defy angel said...

Hi I be blogrolling me!!!

Will u be blogging on this site?

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Rose said...

I can’t speak of their services as I don’t have a blog there, however they did assist me any getting a blog that was made as a parody of me removed. Nonetheless, I would say removing someone for an icon that promotes breast feeding over the top. However I have lots to say about bloggers Toss.

Follow my link!

6:11 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Vix: By all means, tell people about the evil that is LJ Abuse! :)

D.A. Well, yes, I have been blogging on here for a couple months now. If you would like, we could blogroll each other!

Rose: I actually find Blogger's TOS to be easier to deal with than LJ's! There's too many grey areas in LJ's TOS, which is why shit like the breastfeeding issue happens. I really hope all these protests and such will lead to better things!

9:15 PM  
Anonymous idonotlikepeas said...

Well, if you actually created a second account for the explicit purpose of violating the ToS, you're lucky you just got yelled at.

9:59 AM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Well, I can tell right here that you know nothing about my case. First of all, I used a spare journal that I had for years, that was not expressly made to violate the TOS. Second, I really didn't know what the consequenses were for faking a TOS violation until AFTER I did it, and I found out while the case was going on. I'm not saying that not knowing made it right, I'm just telling you what went on.

As for me being "lucky", well, maybe so. But still, LJ Abuse could have checked up on the history of that community and saw that my story checked out, which would have avoided all that bullshit in the first place. Trust me, I would never have tried to fool LJ Abuse if they had just handled my case properly in the first place. Not checking to see if my story matched up was certainly not appropriate.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous idonotlikepeas said...

Well, they could have determined that you used to own the community, yes. But from their perspective, there's usually no difference between "I used to own this community but gave it up intentionally a while back" and "I used to own this community and gave it up by mistake". They can't give it back to you in the second case because they wouldn't want to give it back to you in the first place and, if they didn't, it's because there's no way for them to tell.

I don't know about your case, except from what you've said, but it sounds to me like they did the right thing.

2:28 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

They can't give it back to you in the second case because they wouldn't want to give it back to you in the first place and, if they didn't, it's because there's no way for them to tell.

There is a way for them to tell. Check the community's history. I gave the community to user sh3ph3rd around 2003, I believe, and that was a mistake on my part. After that happened, nothing has been done with the community from any maintainer since. If my story matches up, I don't see how they can't "prove" that my story is true.

I don't want them to give me back the community. I just want it closed. That's all I've been wanting. I know you feel they did the right thing, but I don't.

2:44 PM  

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