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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane....goodbye LiveJournal...

This is to let everyone know that I am leaving LiveJournal. Because even if my protest results in some changes, I just don't feel the same about LiveJournal, anymore. Believe me, I feel sad about this. I loved LiveJournal for a long, long time. To see it turn into the type of product I don't feel right supporting feels bad, what with the lousy Abuse team and the fact that they just introduced advertising to the site (even after they promised they wouldn't. This was documented in an old version of the Social Contract, shown here: ta da!) But anyway, it is this type of thing that made my feelings for my once favorite blogging site change.

I'm sure most of the LJ top dogs are going to be psyched about my decision. None of them really liked me. But fuck 'em. They lost a customer. A customer that was at one time willing to pay for thier services. A customer that once worked on thier Support team. And slowly but surely they will lose more customers. Already, some people are fully aware of the crap that LiveJournal has become.

Please spread around the link for my syndicated account: That's where you can catch my blog updates on LiveJournal from now on. I'm going to try and get a blog hosted through an independent server up and running one of these days, so I can be the boss of my own domain, so to speak. I'll let you all know when that time comes. For now, though, and until I say otherwise, my Blogspot blog (the very blog you are reading) is where I will be writing. Please feel free to comment on any entries any time. Just click on the link that says the number of comments I have, and my blog's comment form will pop right up.

If you wish to stay in touch with me on a more personal level, please do so through MySpace. Feel free to add me, message me, whatever.

I will miss all the friends I made on LiveJournal. That's the part that I'll miss the most about all this; the kind of rapport I had with my friends on LiveJournal. But most of you are already friended on MySpace anyway, so all is not lost!

Thank you all for reading about my crazy life for the past four years on LiveJournal. Now I go forward. And hopefully one day I will be the boss of my own blog.


Anonymous A.H said...

Wow, you spent four years there eh? i'm sure it's hard for you to leave it all behind, but contacts and friends can still be made with other blogging systems aswell...Wordpress for example enables multiple number of people to write on one place which can turn it into a communal(spl) blog.

Anyway, good luck with everything you choose to do, and thanks for stopping by at The Daily Buzzer from time to time =)


6:19 AM  
Blogger Ms. Erotic E. said...

Hey Panda,
I'm sorry to see you leave LJ and I'm gonna miss you there. However I have you here, Myspace, and through the syndication on LJ.

Question where did you get the button for lj feed subscription?

10:20 AM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

A.H: My pleasure. I've already made some wonderful friends through my experiences with Blogger. I may move to Wordpress eventually. At least I can import all my posts here on Blogger on there!

Elaina: That's right. Oh, and I got the LJ button through Veroz. I had to look through a billion posts to find it. He made it free for anyone to use so you can just take it and use it if you want. :)

8:51 PM  

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