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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


For a while now, my fiance Rich has been finding all kinds of old school friends on Myspace. I remember the first time I did a search on my old high school, Full Circle, on Myspace. I ended up getting only five or so results. I got similar results on later tries, so I just gave up after a while, but the desire to find certain school friends stayed with me. Of course, hearing Rich go on about the old friends he met made me hope real hard that one day I'd find some old friends from Full Circle.

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Full Circle is an alternative high school in Somerville, MA. An alternative school is basically a small high school for students with emotional, drug and alcohol problems. I landed in there because of emotional problems. Anyway, it was at this school where I met some of my most memorable and adored friends. Friendships that I would always look back on in fondness and love. I had been looking for one of those friends through a Myspace search, when I found a friend I totally didn't expect to find, Alida. Finally, a Myspace search was successful!!!

A little about our history; in high school, we called her "Smokey", and I remember her as being so fun to be with, very compassionate and real. She had to be one of the funniest people in the whole school! She was a true friend; she even told my son's father that I was pregnant for me, because I was so scared of telling him, the words wouldn't come out of my mouth. Oh, and not only did she go to school with me, she ended up going to school with my brother, also, I believe. It excited me to think that there was a possibility I'd contact her after all these years.

Anyway, I sent her a message and friend invite on Friday. I'd have to wait the whole weekend out before I'd hear from her on Monday afternoon. I was so excited to hear from her, I had no idea of what to say at first. I was actually at a loss! I had spent some of my weekend thinking of what to say to her if she contacted me, and I had all this shit planned to say. Funny how all that thought goes out the window once you are in the moment, huh? It's a good thing I wasn't on the phone, too, because I HATE being at a loss while on the phone. We ended up chatting through Myspace, and it was wonderful. I'm hoping she will meet Rich sometime soon. He was one of the reasons that I even had a desire to look for my old friends in the first place!


Anonymous Rose said...

It's nice you're finding your old friends. Atleast MySpace is go for something. LOL

2:39 AM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

LOL, I know!

2:48 AM  

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