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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

PSAs from back in the day...

The subject of today's post will concern some of my favorite PSAs from back in the day. "PSA" is short for "public service announcement". They were basically commercials that were meant to increase awareness or teach you something new, and were often filmed by non-profit orginizations. These commercials were fun and informative.

Many of these PSAs are also part of our childhood memories. How many of us remember sitting in front of the TV, watching some of these commercials? How many of us learned from them or got other impressions from them? How many of us can still remember some of the songs from these spots, or can recite parts from memory? That's what this post is all about; the memories. So let's take a trip down memory lane and check out some memorable old PSAs! Click on the picture to watch them.

We're not candy!

This was a public service announcement that was created in the 70's, I believe, and aired in the New York area. Better listen to those singing pills, kids! Pills are NOT candy!

Mr. Yuk is mean...Mr. Yuk is GREEN!!!

Another PSA regarding ingesting poison. This PSA was known to scare the living shit out of kids, not just with it's message, but with the animation used and sinister sounding music. Listen for the "Muahahahahahaa!" at the end.

I hanker for a hunk-a CHEESE! YAHOO!

Remember this guy? It's Timer! There were a series of commercials featuring this little guy, who was big on healthy eating. This clip, which is probably the most memorable one, was meant to show kids how to make quick, healthy snacks.


Many kids from the Boston/New England area will remember this one, which hypes school lunches. Ew. I guess someone's gotta pitch for the underdog.

Water is something we have to conserve and keep clean!

Kermit and Fozzie go fishing. Fozzie reels in a can. Kermit and Fozzie talk about using water wisely. I wonder if the address at the end of the commercial is still valid?

And finally...

People can start pollution, people can stop it.

This one is probably the granddaddy of all PSAs. Litter makes baby Jesus (and actors portraying Native Americans) cry!


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