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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Great googily moogily!!! It's Frank Zappa!!!

This post is dedicated to a creative, artistic, intelligent, witty, opinionated, and brilliant man, the late Frank Zappa. The man was a genius and was an true innovator, decades ahead of his time. He has recorded albums such as Hot Rats, Apostrophe and at least fifty other timeless forever-classics. Albums that mere words cannot describe with justice. Zappa created alternative music before it was a catchphrase.

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It doesn't stop there! He was also one of the first musicians to take a stand against censorship, appearing on shows such as The Tonight Show to express his views, appearing in front of congressmen to make his point. This is also the man that owned his own record label, Bizzare/Straight, long before it was fashionable for artists to have thier own labels. And he's been producer for many legendary albums, such as Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart, An Evening with Wild Man Fischer by Wild Man Fischer and Permanent Damage by Pamela Des Barres's all girl group, the GTO's.

I have taken the time to do a search on Youtube for Zappa classics, and fortunately I have found several. Check these videos while you can. You never know when these will be taken offline. Once they are taken offline, they'll be gone for good (or at least until the next dunderhead uploads them). Send your senses on a journey...go know you want to!

King Kong. This performance took place on the BBC in 1968. This footage is some of the best early Zappa footage out there.

Frank on Crossfire. Wanna hear his opinions on censorship? You've come to the right place!

Alien Orifice. From 1981. This is from a broadcast on MTV. Just try and not become mesmerized.

Camarillo Brillo. From 1979's Baby Snakes.

Dummy Up. This is from 1973, when he performed at the Roxy. This is one of Frank's shtick routines. Don't quite understand what I mean? Check this out and you will!

You Are What You Is. Some of you may remember this final clip. It was played on MTV's Closet Classics quite a bit back in the day.

Pssst - wanna learn more about Frank Zappa? Click on the picture accompanying this post!


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