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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Good friends...

I'm feeling pretty tired, but I just thought I'd stop on here for a moment to talk about my night.

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Tonite was my friend Dan's birthday party. Most of my friends were there, Rich was there, and I met some new faces tonite, as well. We had such a chill time! For the first two hours, we hung out on Dan's porch shooting the shit, laughing and talking. Since Dan's father was working the barbeque, we had a ton of wonderful food. Hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers and some non-barbeque food like chips and this awesome macaroni salad Dan's wife Jen made.

After we stuffed our faces, we sat around playing this movie trivia game. One of us had to describe a movie or TV show, and the rest of us had to guess the title of the show we were describing. I actually stumped my friends a few times, which was hard to do because most of my friends are big movie and TV fans. I think I'm the only one of my friends that favors books over TV and movies. Anyway, when we got tired of playing that game, we got out the Game Cube and played a few rounds of Mario Kart and Mario Party 6.

I wished the party would never end, but we ended up leaving around 12:30 AM. It's just as well, though. Rich had gone to work early Saturday morning and he was beat.

Tonite was a TON of fun, and I didn't have to drink any booze or anything. I was just in the company of good people. Good friends. If anything, tonite reminded me of what awesome friends I have, and how much I enjoy thier company. I'm truly blessed. I know that a lot of people would love to have the kind of wonderful friendships I have. I always say my friends are like family. Tonite just drove that point on home.

I'm going to bed with a smile on my face. Nite!


Blogger nepspeed82 said...

Good friends are hard to come by. You're lucky to have them. I also have friends like them but the only problematic thing about them is that you have to drink booze, specifically beer, to enjoy their company. Bonding time for them is drinking alcoholic beverages.

1:41 PM  
Blogger hedgehogman said...

wow nice night for you!
well I hope I can be with my friends too, but now everybody is busy with their own bussiness, study and work.

have a nice dream movie master!

9:39 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

nepspeed82: I used to have friends like that, too. This one former friend, Jimmy, I had to be hammered, like, all the time to be around him because he was so insane.

hedgehog: There will always be time to spend with good friends. And I did have a nice dream. Thanks for the well wishes!

10:19 PM  

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