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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Ever have something that you wish you took better care of? Ever wish you still had a certain something? I do, all the time.

I'll give you a good example; when I was 12 years old, I got these boots that were an exact replica of the glittery boots that Madonna wore in the film Desperately Seeking Susan. I remember buying them with my birthday money at Baker's. I even remember the price; fifty dollars. Well, I wore them a few times, but the sequins easily came loose and started falling off. The boots came with this little baggie of sequins to add, should some of the sequins come off. Well, I got irritated with having to constantly replace sequins, so I did something that I regret to this day; I cut all the sequins OFF, making those boots quite plain, indeed. I actually wore them a bunch of times post-sequins. Bakers sold the knock-off Madonna boots for quite a while; for so long, in fact, that I thought they'd always have them. Well, after a few color variations Bakers eventually did stop selling the boots. When I was young, I thought nothing of this, but as the years wore on, I desperately wanted another pair of those boots. They do pop up on eBay from time to time, but they sell for insane prices, so I've never won them back. But oh, do I want to have a pair of those boots again. And this time, I'd do what I should have done all those years ago; put them in a box and put them in storage!

Here's another example of not knowing what you had until it was gone; while I was married to Mr. Wrong, I managed to purchase a refurbished Atari 2600 at this used video game store. I had wanted an Atari 2600 since I was nine; I bought the console in 1999, when Atari 2600 was extinct, so to say I was lucky would have been the understatement of the year! I got many games for the precious console, from the mass produced E.T. to the not-so-mass-produced Jr. Pac Man. The joysticks used to hurt my hands, but I was still proud to own an Atari. But then my ex-husband and I found ourselves in a situation we would find ourselves in many times during our marriage; we were flat fucking broke. We needed money. So we decided to sell the Atari. I had posted an ad in this local magazine called Want Ads, but I got impatient for offers, so I re-sold it to the used video game store, games and all, for thirty friggin dollars. To add insult to injury, someone eventually DID call me regarding my Want Ads posting, and was willing to buy the Atari and games for a whole lot more than what the used video game store paid me. OUCH! To this day, though, I really wish I didn't sell it. I was pretty proud of owning that console. Just goes to show you that the need for the almighty dollar can make us do some crazy things!

One more example of something I wish I still had is all the autographs I aquired over time. I remember the first famous person I met was Joan Jett. She signed a copy of Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth for me that day after I waited in line for what seemed like forever. Being a kid, of course I didn't take good care of that autograph, and it got trashed. So what did I do? I bought a NEW copy of the album she signed and forged her signature, thinking it was almost as good as the real thing. I don't know what I was thinking. Then there was Marilyn Manson's autograph, which I got after spending many hours in line. I lost that one in another example of my selling stuff for money while my ex and I were broke. Remember what I said about the need of money making someone do crazy things? Yeah. Oh, and then there's all the autographs I got from various WWE wrestlers throughout the years...I just plain lost those. Jeez...

So the moral to all this? Be sure you treasure and take good care of the things you find valuable or have sentimental attatchment to, especially if you're young. Because something that either seems like easy money or is isn't worthwhile today may be something you wish you kept later.


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