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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Panda Place is MOVING!!!!

Panda Place is MOVING to a better site!!!

Please add this link to your syndicated accounts: If you'd like, click on the buttons in the left sidebar, and it will automatically add my the new blog's location to your RSS readers of choice.

You can also go directly to; bookmark it in that case!

I have asked LiveJournal for one small favor; to change the link to the syndicated account. As my problems were with the Abuse team and not the Syndication portion of LJ Support, I see no reason why they won't do this for me.

Thanks you guys. See you at the new location!!!


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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane....goodbye LiveJournal...

This is to let everyone know that I am leaving LiveJournal. Because even if my protest results in some changes, I just don't feel the same about LiveJournal, anymore. Believe me, I feel sad about this. I loved LiveJournal for a long, long time. To see it turn into the type of product I don't feel right supporting feels bad, what with the lousy Abuse team and the fact that they just introduced advertising to the site (even after they promised they wouldn't. This was documented in an old version of the Social Contract, shown here: ta da!) But anyway, it is this type of thing that made my feelings for my once favorite blogging site change.

I'm sure most of the LJ top dogs are going to be psyched about my decision. None of them really liked me. But fuck 'em. They lost a customer. A customer that was at one time willing to pay for thier services. A customer that once worked on thier Support team. And slowly but surely they will lose more customers. Already, some people are fully aware of the crap that LiveJournal has become.

Please spread around the link for my syndicated account: That's where you can catch my blog updates on LiveJournal from now on. I'm going to try and get a blog hosted through an independent server up and running one of these days, so I can be the boss of my own domain, so to speak. I'll let you all know when that time comes. For now, though, and until I say otherwise, my Blogspot blog (the very blog you are reading) is where I will be writing. Please feel free to comment on any entries any time. Just click on the link that says the number of comments I have, and my blog's comment form will pop right up.

If you wish to stay in touch with me on a more personal level, please do so through MySpace. Feel free to add me, message me, whatever.

I will miss all the friends I made on LiveJournal. That's the part that I'll miss the most about all this; the kind of rapport I had with my friends on LiveJournal. But most of you are already friended on MySpace anyway, so all is not lost!

Thank you all for reading about my crazy life for the past four years on LiveJournal. Now I go forward. And hopefully one day I will be the boss of my own blog.


Anonymous A.H said...

Wow, you spent four years there eh? i'm sure it's hard for you to leave it all behind, but contacts and friends can still be made with other blogging systems aswell...Wordpress for example enables multiple number of people to write on one place which can turn it into a communal(spl) blog.

Anyway, good luck with everything you choose to do, and thanks for stopping by at The Daily Buzzer from time to time =)


6:19 AM  
Blogger Ms. Erotic E. said...

Hey Panda,
I'm sorry to see you leave LJ and I'm gonna miss you there. However I have you here, Myspace, and through the syndication on LJ.

Question where did you get the button for lj feed subscription?

10:20 AM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

A.H: My pleasure. I've already made some wonderful friends through my experiences with Blogger. I may move to Wordpress eventually. At least I can import all my posts here on Blogger on there!

Elaina: That's right. Oh, and I got the LJ button through Veroz. I had to look through a billion posts to find it. He made it free for anyone to use so you can just take it and use it if you want. :)

8:51 PM  

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Panda vs. LiveJournal/Six Apart....UPDATE!

Today I have received the following email:

Dear Ms. Panda,

Please send your email to so that the correct people will see it. I'm sorry, but there's no way for me to transfer your message directly from here.

Six Apart

More >>

Obviously I have changed the name so as not to reveal my real name. ;)

This email is the result of the following email, which I sent to all important Six Apart contacts a day and a half ago. Warning: It's long! Also, names and phone numbers have been changed to X's where applicable, to protect privacy and avoid problems:

This is going to be a long email. Please take the time to read it all, and please consider everything in this email. I'm going to be as descriptive as possible, and all of my claims can be backed up from past abuse reports.

I'm very angry. I have given LiveJournal tons of support over the years; paying for Paid accounts, working on the Support team, etc. I have been watching as LiveJournal goes slowly to hell.

How, you may ask?

It's all about LiveJournal's abuse team; some of the rudest, hostile, arrogant people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! Thier actions affect everyone on the LiveJournal site, not just me. They do not listen to customers, even though they say they want to hear from us.

The abuse team have treated me with nothing but rudeness and disdain in the past. I have been incredibly less than satisfied with the way they handle affairs. They have, as an example, refused to delete a community journal that I once owned (Xxxxxx is the name of it). I had given it to a friend by mistake. They could have easily checked the community's history and saw my story matched up, but they didn't. They refused me, over and over. As a result, I attempted to have the community deleted by faking I was a different user causing a "Terms of Service offense". Yes, I know that what I did was really stupid, but please understand that I felt really desperate. I would never have done such a thing if I didn't feel like I was backed against a wall. If they had not refused me, I would never have stooped to such levels.

While I'm on the subject of rudeness, the abuse team has been flippant and rude toward other users, as well, saying things such as "write in campaigns will never work", "not everyone is going to like you", etc. Is that any way to treat a customer?! On another occaision, I was trying to let the abuse team know I was being harrassed by someone on LiveJournal. They refused to even look into the matter, saying the subject matter was in a "friends only" entry (even though some abuse team members actually CAN see friends only posts). I then asked if that was any way to treat someone that has supported the site for so long. I got a reply from an abuse team member, saying he was "offended and insulted" because he felt that I was rubbing the times I have supported this site in the abuse team's face. I wasn't. I was offended myself that a customer would be treated in this way, so in my disgust I stated that, as a supportive customer, I felt that I didn't deserve to have my issue be treated as a non issue.

The abuse team has also kept offensive, lewd and disgusting material onsite. Recently someone had posted a horrible and disgusting film of a cat being murdered brutally in the syndicated journal Kittenbreak, in the comments. The abuse team did nothing. A friend of mine (user name Xxxxxxx) had brought to the abuse team's attention a community that promotes anorexia and bullemia. The abuse team did nothing. I had once pointed out a community that promoted sex with young teens. Not only did the abuse team do nothing, they said that such communities had "freedom of speech". I'm sorry, but it sickens me that such subject matter is left on LiveJournal servers due to "freedom of speech".

And now, on top of all of this, I see someone that identifies themselves as a LiveJournal volunteer is horribly, horribly rude here: . That is absolutely inexcusable! Saying users deserve to be "thrown in the trash" and encouraging people to delete thier journals? That's a horrible way to conduct business! Absolutely horrible!

It is my hope that a new, more professional abuse team is hired, or at least give the existing abuse team some extra training. As of now, I feel so disgusted with the way LiveJournal is being run, I am discontinuing the usage of my journal. I will also no longer support the site with money or otherwise. Why would I want to support a site that is run so horribly?

Thank you for your time. Please call me at 617-637-1234 if you have any questions.

Okay, so mentioning my little problem with that community may not help anything, but it couldn't hurt. ;) Also, the supposed "LJ employee" that I linked to in the second to last paragraph may be a troll, but again, if someone is running around pretending to be a LiveJournal employee, I think LiveJournal/Six Apart should know about it!

Anyway, I did what the representitive from Six Apart asked me to do, and sent my email to the Feedback address. Have I been set up? Will another LJ flunkie tell me off? Or will I get a decent reply? Stay tuned...


Anonymous Rose said...

I'm sorry that you are having so much trouble. As frustrated as you are with LJ, I'm upset with Blogger!

8:31 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Well, if I get anywhere with LiveJournal, I hope that will be the start of better things, and then maybe, if LiveJournal's abuse team gets more responsible, Blogger will follow suit. It's sad when a site like Myspace will delete objectionable content when it is brought to thier attention, but more established blogging sites like LiveJournal and Blogger will not. There's no excuse for not removing content on a site that people of all ages use!

I know I haven't been talking much about Blogger, but I will be. I'd move to Wordpress and use my own server, but I know nothing about that sort of thing and I have no access to any server. I just don't have the money to pay for one.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Noah Bulgaria said...

Blogger was giving me problems, too. I switched to Wordpress (like Rose).

Many hosts have the great feature of being able to call support. I did that when I got my own host.

7:36 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

I want my own host, Noah. I don't have the money. :(

8:55 PM  

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Just to let my LiveJournal friends know...

I have been asked how to stay in contact with me now that I am protesting LiveJournal's Abuse team. I hope things will get resolved so I can come back, but until then, you can stay in touch in one of two ways...

More >>

1) Add my Myspace: I would say this is the easiest way to stay in touch with me, since most people have a Myspace, anyway.

2) Check out my blog: Or add the syndicated feed: This way you can keep up with my goings on while on LJ. I will be starting a more personal journal soon. Email me (my email address is on my LiveJournal profile) and I will give you the link to it.

Thanks everyone.


Anonymous Rose said...

You have this large gap in your blog hun? View it in IE.

4:02 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

I looked at it in IE. It's not showing a gap on my end. What's your screen resolution? Mine is 1024x768.

4:07 PM  

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

I went on a Hot Dog Safari, today...

Okay, most of you are probably wondering, "what in the hell is a Hot Dog Safari?"

Answer: this link will explain it all!

Now that you have an understanding as to what the Hot Dog Safari is, we can move on to my thoughts on spending part of my day at Suffolk Downs for this event...

More >>

There was a shuttle bus waiting at Suffolk Downs station when Rich, my son and I arrived, to take us to Suffolk Downs for the Hot Dog Safari. That alone impressed me; giving comfort to the attendees! When we got there, the first thing that I noticed were the people! It was incredibly crowded! In fact, I wondered what would happen if there were a fire emergency! Anyway, most of those people were crowding the hot dog booths, grabbing whatever free food they could. I happened to have four hot dogs in total, one of which I tossed in the trash half eaten because it was a deli style dog; I dislike deli style dogs. I did manage to snag a few of my favorite brand of franks, Fenway Franks! EXTREMELY enjoyable!

Anyway, there were a lot of smaller events taking place during the Hot Dog Safari for attendees. One of those events was a wrestling card, featuring local pro wrestling talent. I recognized none of them, but Rich found a few familiar faces. During the wrestling event, I went in search of some soda. It was a bit annoying that most of the refreshment stands were serving beer only, but I did manage to find a stand that served Pepsi.

When the wrestling event came to a close, Rich, my son and I were sort of at a loss of what to do. After watching one of the horse races, we attempted to snag more food, but by that time, the crowds were extremely overwhelming. So after I bought my son and I two Hot Dog Safari caps, we boarded the same shuttle bus and went back to the train station. We actually ended up playing billiards in Boston, so leaving early had it's advantages.

All in all, a good time. I just wish there was more elbow room...


Blogger nepspeed82 said...

It's really hard to enjoy an event when its too overcrowded. You think more about how to get past other people rather than thinking of what you should be doing and enjoying next.

3:19 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Very true. The crowd was the only thing about the event that made me crazy.

3:45 PM  

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stand up to Six Apart/LiveJournal!!!

Recently, there has been much controversy surrounding LiveJournal/Six Apart, regarding thier stance on what is nudity and what is not (read the details at this link!). More >>
After suspending a LiveJournal user because of her icon - which shows herself breastfeeding her infant child - mothers (and regular LJ users) have been in an uproar, doing all they can to show LiveJournal/Six Apart that people have the right to use pictures of infants being breastfed as thier default icon, from writing emails to making petitions to setting up protests, including the Nurse In, which takes place on Monday, and an online strike, which takes place on Tuesday. LiveJournal volunteers have been hostile, for the most part, basically claiming that the protesters haven't got a leg to stand on, calling us protesters "drama seekers".


My involvement with this whole thing goes even deeper than the breastfeeding issue. For too long, LiveJournal's Abuse team has treated thier users like utter shit, from lying to it's users by claiming that employees cannot view locked entries (BULLSHIT!) to being downright abusive.

I was at the recieving end of this abuse not all that long ago, as a matter of fact. I had requested for LJ Abuse to close a community that I had once owned. Long ago I had given someone maintainership accidentially. Back then (this was in 2003), all you had to do was check off the required boxes and click a button. No email was sent to the user you gave maintainership to. It was easy to screw up while playing with settings! Anyhow, it could be proven that the community was once mine. All one needs to do is look at the community's history. If one were to look at it's history, one would see that I had indeed once owned the community, and once I gave maintainership to that person, nothing was done with the community since. LJ Abuse would not look at that community's history, however, and had refused my request to close the community several times. So I had to resort to using a second account to create a "TOS violation", so they'd finally close that damned community down. Well, the Abuse team wasted no time in finding out that I was the culprit and sent me an email that made me feel like I was the lowest scum of the Earth. I was so disgusted I deleted that email, but I wish I didn't. It was an example of how low LJ Abuse could stoop. Did I bring it on myself? Perhaps. But don't they see? All of that bullshit could have been avoided if they had just checked out the community's history and deleted the community, rather than refuse me over and over. After all, they bent over backwards to prove I was the person that made the "TOS violation". Certainly, they could check a community's history, right?

I was reluctant to tell my story. I mean, LiveJournal Abuse made me feel like such scum, I was sure people would ridicule me for my actions. But fuck it. I'm an honest person. And I don't have to tolerate LiveJournal's Abuse team and thier bullshit, abuse and lies! And I certainly won't stand for thier stance on "nudity". Please! If actresses can breastfeed on television without the FCC going apeshit, then LiveJournal users should have the right to use a picture of breastfeeding as thier default icon!

I choose to discontinue use of my LiveJournal account, until something is done about thier crappy Abuse team, and I urge my friends and peers to do the same. I would like to see them invest in better training for thier Abuse team! Hire a new, professional Abuse team! And make changes as outlined at this link! Once they do one (or preferrably, all) of those things, I will come back. Until then, I refuse to log into my LiveJournal account. And judging by the way they have treated me in the past, I'm sure they won't miss me, anyway.

Want to read more about LJ Abuse and thier, well, abuse? Go here.


Anonymous NightVixen said...

I came here to comment becuase you Know LJ and Their nazi Abuse squad. Since I joined LJ in 2001 I have seen Abuse Only ONCE when tommyx Was manager do Good, However when he was manager he did do a better job than the current manager Mayeb I ought write about my LJ experiences eh LOL

4:25 AM  
Blogger defy angel said...

Hi I be blogrolling me!!!

Will u be blogging on this site?

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Rose said...

I can’t speak of their services as I don’t have a blog there, however they did assist me any getting a blog that was made as a parody of me removed. Nonetheless, I would say removing someone for an icon that promotes breast feeding over the top. However I have lots to say about bloggers Toss.

Follow my link!

6:11 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Vix: By all means, tell people about the evil that is LJ Abuse! :)

D.A. Well, yes, I have been blogging on here for a couple months now. If you would like, we could blogroll each other!

Rose: I actually find Blogger's TOS to be easier to deal with than LJ's! There's too many grey areas in LJ's TOS, which is why shit like the breastfeeding issue happens. I really hope all these protests and such will lead to better things!

9:15 PM  
Anonymous idonotlikepeas said...

Well, if you actually created a second account for the explicit purpose of violating the ToS, you're lucky you just got yelled at.

9:59 AM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Well, I can tell right here that you know nothing about my case. First of all, I used a spare journal that I had for years, that was not expressly made to violate the TOS. Second, I really didn't know what the consequenses were for faking a TOS violation until AFTER I did it, and I found out while the case was going on. I'm not saying that not knowing made it right, I'm just telling you what went on.

As for me being "lucky", well, maybe so. But still, LJ Abuse could have checked up on the history of that community and saw that my story checked out, which would have avoided all that bullshit in the first place. Trust me, I would never have tried to fool LJ Abuse if they had just handled my case properly in the first place. Not checking to see if my story matched up was certainly not appropriate.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous idonotlikepeas said...

Well, they could have determined that you used to own the community, yes. But from their perspective, there's usually no difference between "I used to own this community but gave it up intentionally a while back" and "I used to own this community and gave it up by mistake". They can't give it back to you in the second case because they wouldn't want to give it back to you in the first place and, if they didn't, it's because there's no way for them to tell.

I don't know about your case, except from what you've said, but it sounds to me like they did the right thing.

2:28 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

They can't give it back to you in the second case because they wouldn't want to give it back to you in the first place and, if they didn't, it's because there's no way for them to tell.

There is a way for them to tell. Check the community's history. I gave the community to user sh3ph3rd around 2003, I believe, and that was a mistake on my part. After that happened, nothing has been done with the community from any maintainer since. If my story matches up, I don't see how they can't "prove" that my story is true.

I don't want them to give me back the community. I just want it closed. That's all I've been wanting. I know you feel they did the right thing, but I don't.

2:44 PM  

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Over The Hedge

Tonite Rich and I caught the movie Over The Hedge. I loved it, even if I found it a bit predictable, storyline wise. Don't let the cutesy previews sway you; this is a solid movie.

More >>

This movie, the latest release from Dreamworks, is about a group of animal friends that call themselves "The Family". The leader of this group is a turtle named Verne (voiced by Garry Shandling). The group is filled with lovable characters, like Hammy the Squirrel (voiced by Steve Carell) and Stella the Skunk (voiced by Wanda Sykes). These animals awaken from hibernation to discover a huge hedge had grown. After venturing past the hedge, Verne discovers that their forest had been torn down for the most part, to make way for a new neighborhood. Without thier natural habitat, "The Family" have to figure out how to find food to survive. Enter R.J. the Racoon (voiced by Bruce Willis), an opportunist who finds the group of animal friends while trying to figure out a way to repay Vincent (a grizzly bear voiced by Nick Nolte) after stealing the bear's food.

Now here's where the movie gets predictable: R.J. starts out using "The Family", getting them to unwittingly help him score food to pay Vincent back, and ends up falling in love with the group. This makes him feel guilty for using them in the first place. This predictability, however, brings a wonderful opportunity to teach children important values; don't use people to gain something for yourself. Using people causes personal guilt and other negative feelings both for oneself and those you have used. And, of course, teamwork pays off while doing something positive. The movie makes it's point, without being too corny or hokey.

All in all, Over The Hedge is a sweet movie, and is fun to watch alone, or with your whole family. Catch it if you can.


Anonymous Noah Bulgaria said...

Nice review. There are soooooo many of these kinds of movies, that I've gotten bored. They seem all the same.

I'm probably going to a An Inconvenient Truth today, and post something about it on my blog.

8:26 AM  
Blogger nepspeed82 said...

Haven't watched the movie yet but I guess, based from the movie trailers I saw, it's a somewhat cutesy 3d animation with some element of environmental awareness in it.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Rose said...

Thanks for the review. I haven't seen the movie yet. Sorry that I have not been by your blog, life got busy. My son created a quizz and I have to tag someone, so guess who I'm tagging? You guessed it, you! Drop by my blog to get the questions.

10:24 PM  

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

AIM is the name of the game?

Over the years, I have grown to have a distaste for chat programs like AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger. Perhaps it's because I tend to isolate. But it also has to do with the many scuzbuckets I've encountered on AIM over the years.

More >>

I remember the first time I got internet access in my home. I started like a lot of people do; with America Online (or AOL). I remember one of the things that made me enthusiastic about having my own internet connection was the fact that I could chat with people through AIM. It was first. But then I started getting messages from horny bastards, looking to get off through a message program. The conversation would start off okay. But then the chat soon got dirty. I found myself banning more people than I ever dreamed I would. So I made a new username and made it so only my friends could access me.

Then the blinking windows started to get to me. Whenever I paused in conversation or went to do something online, the windows would start blinking with responses. Before I knew it, I had a million people saying "You there?" if I didn't reply within five minutes. This got annoying very fast, and it kept happening!

The day finally came when I had enough and just stopped going on chat programs altogether. Once I did that, I fell into a routine of doing various things online and not getting interrupted with chat programs. I liked that freedom. I also found that I could talk to people through my blogs and never have to worry about leaving someone hanging. And then I began to enjoy isolation while online. As it turns out, I liked having time for myself!

Of course, there are some negatives about living life without chat programs. Sometimes people grow tired of talking to me through my blogs or through other means (like Myspace). Sometimes people feel like I'm distancing myself by not going on chat programs, and maybe I am, unintentionally. But it's all because I enjoy doing things at my own pace, with my own time. It has nothing to do with distancing myself or not liking people. I love my friends, of course. But I also love my time and space. Does that make me strange? I'd like to think not. Different people like different things, after all!

Now, I'm not saying I'll never use chat programs again. There will come a time when I do, but right now I love the easy pace I'm at now; doing fun stuff while chatting through my blog or Myspace, at my own pace, and seeing my friends in person. And despite thier popularity, I'm sure there are others that have found a distaste for chat programs.



Anonymous Rose said...

I only use Msn myself and I only talk to a couple people on it.

For me it's handy. But I'm a multi-tasker. :)

11:16 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

That's cool. I'm not so much of a multi-tasker. :)

11:29 PM  
Blogger Invader Stu said...

We use MSN messenger as a way to communicate in the office so we don't have to go looking for people all the time. It's very useful for that and of course it also means I can chat to my non-work friends during office hours.

12:16 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Yeah, it can be helpful, no denying that. I don't think there's anything wrong with those programs. I just have my own hang ups about those messengers.

2:54 PM  
Blogger nepspeed82 said...

I don't chat. I'm somewhat fearful of the concept since I can't reply that fast to their pace of communication, you know think first before you write. I tried once and my fears were true. You're right about having your own pace when in the internet. It makes your internet activity more worthwhile and enjoyable.

3:24 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Awesome! So I'm not the only one! :D

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Midnight Raider said...

My story's just like yours. Started with AIM, was constantly being harrassed by friends and horny strangers, got rid of it. Am now much happier and much more productive. Techically, I should have it on for my job, but I just couldn't stand that type of interruption. Don't feel bad for not using it. Most of us are way too "wired" anyway. I feel like the e-world has sucked away my life.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Tazkwok said...

I used to love AIM; however, it doesn't bother me if I don't have it on my computer. I personally think it is too complicated.

11:02 PM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

M.R.: Thanks, I totally agree.

Taz: I have it on my computer, but my brother uses it. I used to love AIM, too, but it got to be too much.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a ton of people on AIM, which I never use because I find it to boring to talk to a ton of people at a time. Now, I use MSN, where I only have a couple of people as buddies. I find this a lot easier, and less boring to do.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Noah Bulgaria said...

Ack... That was my comment. I by mistake pressed Anonymous, instead of Other. Sorry 'bout that.

NOah Bulgaria

8:44 AM  

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Break time....

Today I will be taking a break from regular posting to get caught up with some priorities that I need to focus on more than writing a full entry. I'll be back tomorrow. Till then, please have fun reading my older posts. Merci!


Blogger nepspeed82 said...

I always do it, you know, leaving your blog for a day or two because you had to do other stuff other than blogging which are really time-consuming.

3:55 PM  
Blogger hedgehogman said...

well have a nice time panda,
back soon if all is ok

10:31 PM  
Blogger fizdane said...

take your time.
have a nice day :)

1:23 PM  
Blogger fizdane said...

take your time.
have a nice day :)

1:24 PM  

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Monday, May 29, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand...

Okay, I've seen all of the movies that are part of the highly enjoyable X-Men trilogy as of yesterday afternoon. Each movie has been better than the last. I honestly wasn't expecting to be wowed by the lastest X-Men movie, but I was pleasantly surprised!

More >>

Like each of the movies before it, X-Men: The Last Stand is loosely based on the comic book's storyline; this time, it's the infamous Dark Phoenix saga from the early 1980's. However, the changes made helps the movie rather than hurts it. Comic book purists will not be disappointed. In fact, they will probably be blown away by the action, special effects and the portayal of the infamous mutants that we've come to know and love.

New character standouts include Kelsey Grammar's droll portayal of Hank McCoy a/k/a The Beast and Ellen Page as the teen that can walk through walls, Kitty Pryde. As for the actors making a return, Hugh Jackman is once again terrific as Wolverine. Also terrific are Famke Janssen as the haunted, pained Jean Grey/Phoenix, and Halle Berry's emotional return as Storm. Fans will also be delighted with the dialogue and hidden surprises. Some awesome new catchphrases can be heard. I mean, just try to get Juggernaut's "Do you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, BITCH!" out of your head! Or how about seeing Stan Lee (creator of Marvel Comics) watering his lawn? Priceless!

There are some negative aspects, though. Fans waiting for the return of Nightcrawler will keep right on waiting. Actually, not much explaination is made as to why there is a team of different mutants in each film, which may prove to be confusing to those that aren't as familiar with X-Men storylines. These negatives are small, though. This movie is, as a whole, highly enjoyable, and I would recommend it to both old and new fans, as well as those that are unfamiliar with X-Men in general. It's definately the best movie to come out so far this year.

If you'd like to see a trailer for this film, go here. This link also has some surprises for Myspace users; for instance, adding this profile will enable the ability to change your "Top 8 Friends" to a "Top 12" or "Top 16".


Blogger Carl Baydala said...

Dear Panda,
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Good to see that people I do not know are actually interested in what I do. You have a very colourful presentation,
Carl ( Carl Baydala Wants You To Know....)

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Noah Bulgaria said...

Nice review.

I'm hoping to see An Inconvenient Truth soon. It got great reviews.

9:41 AM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Carl: No problem! Your journal is wonderful and it was a pleasure to read!

Noah: Thanks. Oh, and I'll probably catch that An Inconvenient Truth eventually.

3:33 PM  
Blogger hedgehogman said...

x-men, yes i like it and have the original comics. In my country marvel things is a bit expensive, so I and my friends prefer to watch the movies

12:31 AM  
Blogger panda cookie said...

Cool, Hedgehog! I used to have the original comics, too, but I sold them to get some much needed cash long ago.

12:45 AM  
Blogger nepspeed82 said...

X-men will be shown this coming Thursday here in the Philippines. But I have seen several of its movie trailers in the internet and I'd have to say the visual effects are really cool.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Invader Stu said...

I saw X-Men 3 last weekend. I did not think it was as strong as the other two because they tried to fit too much in.

I did a review on my blog as well.

12:13 PM  

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